Help & FAQ

Please find the most common questions of fashion designers when starting with prototyping, small-batch, or mass production. We hope our Help&FAQ section will help find answers to your questions.
Novice designer

Feel free to contact us – we will help you with our knowledge and with other designer support services.

Describe your wish or send a photo, the rest is our exercise.

We will help you to develop technology and work out different sewing solutions

During the sample sewing process, we also give the production price with the necessary materials and accessories.

Business development

We give a bystander a look at a business model based on the Osterwalder business model canvas. Besides, we offer to mentor and mentoring services. The advisor is ACSTH Coach certified.

Learn more about samples

After making the sample, our specialists give the material need for the model.

We use various international size scales, from which we choose the most suitable for your product.

In the prototype phase, we set up the fit of the product and can make the necessary model changes before sewing the final model.

For the prototype, we need pieces of sample fabric, according to which we can evaluate the specifics of the fabric, and in the case of very complex models, it may be necessary to make several samples.

When we receive the drawing, we give the approximate lead time.

Active designer

We need sample fabric pieces, a model picture/photo, and strategic measurements. If possible, draw the model on a body figure, which shows the general parameters of the product.

We need strategic measurements of the model – for example, the total length of the product, the width of the bottom edge, etc., not a perfect measurement table.

Along with the enlargements and reductions of the model, we also create size scales used in the online store.

Simple Cut and Sew is not our target. We are offering CMT, but also a variety of other designer support services.

All high-end fashion designers are warmly welcome to us! Our target is of high quality for high fashion.

Organizing production

The minimum production quantity is 50 pieces of the model. Exceptionally, we also produce small batch orders, but we apply additional coefficients to them.

Let us know your desired delivery time and we will make the necessary schedule for you.

We offer customers various service packages for the purchase of both accessories and materials. We have different partners, from whose selection we try to find a suitable one.

It’s necessary to book the production volume and it takes time to prepare for placing the order (cuts, sewing, inspection, etc.)

Digital sewing patterns and modeling

We digitalize all paper patterns at first and after that, we are modeling needful additional patterns according to our technology.

We work with digital sewing patterns only, as this ensures the accuracy required for product quality and so we can keep track of the model’s history.

The patterns have the needed information for the production. We guarantee that all details are in with new sewing pattern layouts.

The preparation time is used to compare the history of the model with the existing digital patterns. Also, to make the needful changes according to customer comments.

The specifics of the fabrics cannot be tested during the paper pattern modeling phase.

One of the core values of Baltic Intertex is the confidentiality of information received from customers.

We work with Lectra programs Modaris and Diamino and we can import/export from Gerber. Please make the test here.