The best outcome is the result of a reliable process

How do we make It?


01 Prototyping Process

The sale success of all products depends on thorough and a well-planned product development procedure, which essential part is making prototypes.

Do you want your sale of products be successful? Do you want to reduce the amount of products returned by clients? Do you like to have your product quality equal with internationally known brands?

Experience that can support your knowledge:

  • 20.000 + made product samples
  • 2.1+ million products
  • 180 + team work years combined
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02 The Sample Collection Process

Every Baltic Intertex client has certain wishes and intentions for which they need samples.  With the weighted number of samples, you reach the best result!

  • Do you want to save money?
  • Is your aim to attract end consumers’ additional attention?
  • Do you want to increase your confidence before production?

In case even one of the questions made you think for a moment we suggest becoming familiar with the information as follows.

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03 The Production Process

When you have a well-developed sample collection, the aspects of successful sale depend on high-quality production manufactured by the due date.

  • Have you experienced uncertainty in the situation in which you have not heard anything from the manufacturer since the order was placed?
  • Would you rather be orientated towards finding solutions than trying to settle problems?
  • Do you like honest and adequate communication?
  • Would you like to supplement your own production experience with additional 165+ years of experience?

If you happen to think about any of the questions for a moment then you are welcome to contact Baltic Intertex. Let us make the end consumer of your brand happy together!

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04 The Logistical Process Management

When your production is ready but the delivery is delayed, it does not make you, the end consumer, or us happy!

  • Have you experienced confusion while choosing a transport company for corresponding situations?
  • Have you been in a situation in which you have to pay a higher price for transport because you do not have a client contract?
  • Have you had difficulties in finding out the amount and weight of the received goods?

If you see something familiar on this list it would be reasonable to give up your logistics and delegate all issues connected with transport to Baltic Intertex.

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