16-step how we manage production


Our Approach

When you have a well-developed sample collection, the aspects of successful sale depend on high quality production manufactured by due date.

You need complete production pre-work, organising, and process monitoring.

  • Have you experienced uncertainty in the situation in which you have not heard anything from the manufacturer since the order was placed?
  • Would you rather be orientated towards finding solutions than trying to settle problems?
  • Do you like honest and adequate communication?
  • Would you like to supplement your own production experience with additional 165+ years of experience?

If you happen to think about any of the questions for a moment, then you are welcome to contact Baltic Intertex. Let us make the end consumer of your brand happy together!

Production – the main feature that characterises the strength of the brand

16-step process how we manage production:

  1. Please send us your booked order and the desired deadline on time. Based on this information we can choose a more suitable production place and equipment and book the required capacity.
  2. We prepare the technical specification required for the production.
  3. If the client demands, we make a pre-production sample (PPS).
  4. We increase and decrease the basic cuttings of the model.
  5. We print the required markers.
  6. We do our best to ensure timely delivery of agreed fabrics/accessories based on the order.
  7. We inspect the quality of the production material delivered.
  8. After the fabrics have arrived, we specify the production deadline.
  9. We inform you whether there is enough or too little fabric so that you can flexibly adjust the scale of sizes in your production. As a result of this, we expect quick information exchange.
  10. We give you current information about the production costs of the manufactured models.
  11. If production problems occur, we offer the best solutions for achieving the maximum result.
  12. We monitor the production process daily, from cutting to packing the finished product.
  13. In addition to the manufacturer’s quality control, we carry out additional checking in our office by which we ensure even a higher quality guarantee.
  14. We organise the required transport to a suitable destination. We use acknowledged transport companies with long-term experience.
  15. In the case of fast orders, it is possible to use also partial deliveries.  As a result of this, it has to be pointed out that choosing partial deliveries may prolong the final deadline of the order.
  16. In case of product sales success, the possibility to place small quick orders. Therefore, the timing of orders plays an important role here.

Why order production in Baltic Intertex?

  1. We do not bore you with problems, we provide solutions! 
  2. Thanks to organising the production of 2.1 + million products, we have gained a broad-base production experience. We select our best practices and use them in the production of your products.
  3. We will be available to you also in the long run.

Ready to work with us?