Do you have an idea of your own fashion brand? We got you covered!


Our Approach

The best outcome is the result of good communication and reliable services

The designer is an artist but every idea requires administrative work as well. We help designers to save time and focus on the creation! Our strength lies in the carefully polished product development process and on skills to find the best suited technical solution.

full garment development services
full garment development services

01 Protomodels

Proto models process starts with thorough material and technological solutions analyses among which we choose the best solution for you.

  • General visualization
  • Garment fit
  • Tech Pack creating
  • Fabric and trims quality testing
  • Technical solutions testing

02 Sample Collections

In addition to ordinary selling collections, we help you make real unique fashion show collections as well.

  • A small collection (1-2 pcs per model)
  • Small sample series
  • Sales man samples (SMS)
  • Fashion show eye catcher
  • Photo sample
  • Samples for E-shops
  • Fit sample
  • Size set samples
  • Pre-production sample

03 Production

Baltic Intertex ensures that all the necessary preliminary work is done to obtain quality products. We create a product tech-pack, organize the sewing process, and monitor the entire production chain process so that your customers can enjoy the finished products.

  • Production capacity planning
  • Material and accessories supplying
  • Objective communication
  • Quality guarantee
  • Security of supply
  • Small batch production
  • Flexible extra orders

04 Transport

Personal and affordable transport solutions based on the customer’s wishes and the frequency of shipments. Further more we use suitable packaging materials that ensure that the product arrives at the customer in perfect condition.

  • Personal
  • Affordable
  • Door to Door cargo
  • SmartPost
  • Speed Currier

05 Helping with Design in Creating Collections

When your thoughts dry up while developing a new collection, and you feel you need to overcome your creative block, the inventive product developers at Baltic Intertex are happy to help you.

  • Helping to analyze your customer profile
  • Sharing our knowledge in compiling the collection framework
  • Inspiring you with our personal experience stories
  • Filling in the gaps by giving you ideas for the collection vision and models

06 Private label services

If you have a good sense of fashion, and you see bottleneck issues in the clothing market, but you don’t want to dive into the science of garment creation yourself, feel free to contact Baltic Intertex. We are happy to introduce our ideas.

Although we have never created our own entire collection, we have done something each year. With Baltic Intertex, a small parallel can be drawn between us and poets or songwriters. There is enough knowledge by secretly drawing models and keeping them „in a drawer“, experimenting for fun and sewing samples.

Now we feel we are ready to share these ideas with you!

  • Helping hand to complete your existing collections
  • We can recommend tested technical textiles
  • Professional knowledge and partners in the fields of embroidery
  • A lot of experience with a garment wash and garment dying
  • We help you with small batches of unique brand sportswear
  • ``Less is more” or “More is less`` mentality

07 Technical Garment Design

You are also welcome to contact us if you do not want to design a product, but need help with the technical design of clothes. We use the Lectra patterns-making system.

  • Style modeling (Lectra system)
  • Existing patterns digitalization
  • Patterns grading
  • Measurement chart creation
  • Marker making and plotting
  • Fails export and import (Gerber; dxf)
  • Fabric consumptions and production fabric need calculation
  • Tech pack creating

08 Other services

If you have any other specific field to cover, be free to contact Baltic Intertex. Let us solve the problems with different services or accessories searching together!

  • Embroidery
  • Silkscreen print; heat press print
  • Pleating
  • Sublimation
  • A garment wash
  • softening wash
  • Garment dying
  • Woven labels
  • Carton labels
  • hangtags
  • Different packing material options
  • Tech pack creation

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