Baltic Intertex’s goal is to do its best to make the customer truly satisfied. Just like you, we are not just looking for a one-off, but a long-term relationship. We wish we both have the joy of creating together, not a headache.

Over the years, we have gone through fire and water, tasted success and had to swallow some bitter pills with clients. All in all, it has hardened us a lot and only increased the client`s trust in us.

Here you can find a selection of BIT clients’ feedback whom we have the honour and pleasure to work with.

The long-term nature and diversity of cooperation are particularly important to us. BIT has been a reliable production partner for many years. Integrating product development into the overall process has brought certainty to operations.

Liisa Kotilainen Aino-Karmiini OY

Baltic Intertex has been our supporting and loyal partner from the very beginning of our journey.
Creating high-quality collections together with experienced development and manufacturing team has been a dream come true for me as a designer.

Jukka Puljujärvi Designer | Founder & owner of Hálo

The professionalism and kindness that I have experienced working with Baltic Intertex have always been outstanding. Our years-long continuing collaboration and their dedication to their clients and quality are a rear treasurable find.

Glooria Luht R/H Studio CEO

We are very pleased to work with Baltic Intertex team. They are all skilled professionals who do their all to help the customer. The team is very cooperative, efficient and friendly.

Tiia Määtta Uhana Production Manager

Baltic Intertex has been our trustworthy cooperation partner for over a decade. They always have excellent service and are very attentive to details and the needs of their client. They will go above and beyond for customer requests and they aim to find the best possible solution. Their professional high-quality service reflects also on the quality of the finished product. Highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a first-class partner that’s there for the customer all the way. Thank you Baltic Intertex!

Tiina Ojaots Samuji Sampling & Production

Your sewing quality is one of the best I have ever seen. I'm very happy with the results (both manufacturing and garment development). You meet the high standard of our brand perfectly.

Tuomas Hilkos Vakio Clothing CEO

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