Different transport orders to support your brand


Our Approach

Transport solutions that work best for your brand needs.

When your production is ready but the delivery is delayed, it does not make you, the end consumer or us happy!

  • Have you experienced confusion while choosing a transport company for corresponding situations?
  • Have you been in a situation in which you have to pay a higher price for transport because you do not have a client contract?
  • Have you had difficulties in finding out the amount and weight of the received goods?

If you see something familiar on this list, it would be reasonable to give up your logistics and delegate all issues connected with transport to Baltic Intertex.

Support your brand with best transport and logistics

Different transport orders we handle in our process:

  1. When you have chosen a reliable logistics company, we will send you the measures and weights of the necessary boxes/rolls for ordering the transport.
  2. If you want to send goods from your office to Baltic Intertex and require help, we will organise the pick-up of goods at a place most appropriate for you.
  3. We will send you different price tenders from various suppliers. Baltic Intertex cooperates with different logistics companies and we will be able to find a suitable supplier for you.
  4. If you let us organise your transport, we will order appropriate transport (on time), mark the consignment correspondingly and inform you about the dispatch.
  5. We will send you the monitoring number if you use the fast courier.
  6. When you want to send urgent samples to Baltic Intertex, but have no fast courier contract, Baltic Intertex will help you. We will share our client number with you to guarantee a more affordable price.

Why leave Baltic Intertex in charge of ordering the transport?

  1. We save your time! We have an employee, who communicates with transport companies every day.
  2. We are informed about the peculiarities of the consignments of different transport companies.  
  3. We have precise information about the schedule of manufactured goods.
If logistics is not your cup of tea, because your passion is designing and selling, then free yourself from excessive tasks!

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