9 different sample collections to choose from


Our Approach

In addition to sales sample collections for your personal brand, we help to make really unique fashion show collections as well.

Every Baltic Intertex client has certain wishes and intentions for which they need samples. With weighted number of samples you definitely reach the best result! 

  • Do you want to save money?
  • Is your aim to attract end consumers’ additional attention?
  • Do you want to increase your confidence before production?

In case even one of the questions made you think for a moment, we suggest becoming familiar with the information as follows.

9 different sample collections to choose from

Choose the most suitable sample collection for your fashion line:

  1. A small sample collection consisting of 1-2 models.  In case you want to save expenses, we recommend to use it when launching your brand and you want to sell the products yourself. Usually some models are made and different colours of the model are used to create a comprehensive picture of the model and the variety of colours. 
  2. Small sample series – think it over how many sale samples you actually need. Keep in mind that for production the manufacturer always needs a proper sample.
  3. Sales samples (SMS) – identical samples especially made for sales people
  4. Fashion show eye-catcher – a model, which attracts the clients’ attention, however the product is so expensive that usually it does not reach production. It is rather sold as a unique model of the kind. 
  5. Sample for photoshoot – sometimes sample fabrics arrive so late that the time of the photo session and the production time overlap. In such case we recommend to choose more important models for photographing already earlier and make a priority list based on them.
  6. E-shop sample – if photographing session is due and the sample of a certain fabric is not yet ready, it is possible to make a model of another fabric. Being creative enables to photograph different important parts of the model in the form of calico toile. The general product can be adjusted with digital tools.
  7. Fitting sample – this kind of sample is necessary when the model is an old one but the fabric has been exchanged. For example, a model of non-stretch fabric is going to be made of hosiery. 
  8. Samples of sizes – we recommend to have them before complicated models are introduced into production. Usually a couple of samples of different models are ordered. For example, a sales sample is made in size S and for fitting also size XL is tested. 
  9. Pre-production sample series – samples in all sizes are ordered to make sure that the enlarging rules of different sizes are established. 

Why choose Baltic Intertex as a cooperation partner?

  1. Long-term experience knowledge accumulated with years enables us to recommend you an optimal sample collection.
  2. We are proud and happy if the sample collections made by us conquer the stages of the entire world and receive positive feedback from the public.
  3. We are happy for you if we manage to achieve the maximum result with the right sample collection and minimal costs.

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