The 10-step process used for prototypes


Our Approach

Essential part in sale success is making prototypes

The sale success of all products depends on thorough and well-planned product development procedures, which essential part is making prototypes.

  • Do you want your sale of products be successful?
  • Do you want to reduce the amount of products returned by clients?
  • Do you like to have your product quality equal with internationally known brands?

If any of the questions made you think, then Baltic Intertex can help you. We will develop suitable models for your brand strategy, which you can be proud of even years later! 

Prototypes as a brand strategy tool

10-step process implemented in making prototypes and from what you can benefit most:

  1. In order to get a better overview of your wishes and needs, we recommend to arrange a brief online meeting first. 
  2. We create the technological documentation of the model with all necessary cross sections of the lacing.
  3. To get a better result we make partial calico toile of more complex parts, to take into account the peculiarity of the fabric and find the best solution.
  4. In the phase of making prototypes, we test fabrics and accessories and give you feedback, which solutions work for your model best.
  5. Based on the established task we model the initial digital cuttings (we use Lectra program), used to sew the first prototype.
  6.  We give our recommendations based on experience to improve the model.
  7. If possible we use an alternative fabric with similar features instead of the final fabric, because sample fabrics are rather expensive. If the fabric is technically complex, we use the original material to minimize possible hazards caused by the fabric.
  8. We send the prototype to you for inspection. 
  9. More complex models may require more time than making one prototype.
  10. According to your commentaries we make the required adjustments in the cuttings, carry out modelling up to the end and make a final sample.

Baltic Intertex ensures that all the necessary preliminary work is done to obtain quality products. We create a product tech-pack, organize the sewing process, and monitor the entire production chain process so that your customers can enjoy the finished products.

Why cooperate with Baltic Intertex?

  1. We have enough experience with different types of products and materials.
  2. At the meeting we “sit on both sides of the table” as we think together with you proceeding from the vision of your brand. We are clearly aware that striving together will ensure our success! We can not contribute less than 100 %!
  3. During 22+ years we have elaborated the product development process of our company, which we want to share with you. Every idea is worth trying!
  4. You can trust us because we enjoy doing our work and are passionate about it; and our clients keep coming back to us now and then as friends.
Save time and patience for making prototypes because this contribution is worth it!

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